Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sleeping Blog

"As though led by a hand in the complete silence, the Prince finally reached the room where the beautiful Princess (pizza diavola) lay fast asleep. For a long time he stood gazing at her face, so full of serenity, so peaceful, lovely and pure, and he felt spring to his heart that love he had always been searching for and never found. Overcome by emotion, he went close, lifted the girl's little white hand (a slice with crust) and gently kissed it . . .

At that kiss, the prlncess qulckly opened her eyes, and wakening from her long long sleep, seeing the Prince beside her, murmured:

Oh, you have come at last! I was waiting for you in my dream. I've waited so long!"

Having pizza Diavola at pizzeria Pompei  in Perugia after 5 years is like meeting again a beloved friend ... And I realized it was time to wake up the blog from a long sleep.

Price: 5.7 euro
***** Excellent

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's the English for pizza? ...Pizza!

Attending Renewables energy conferences and exhibitions is like ironing a shirt... When you realize that the trip is approaching (or all your shirts are waiting for you in the ironing board) you start questioning yourself the added value that such activity will bring you afterward... The value of a ironed shirt (or being updated on what's going on in the wind energy industry) varies in the time lapse between the moment you realize the need of the shirt (or the trip) and the day of the meeting (or the departure). For me, it decreases slowly by time reaching a minimum and then for some magical reason it increases all of a sudden giving you the energy of actually doing the ironing (or preparing the luggage) .... But always at the last minute! :)
So, at the end I actually did both... Prepared my luggages, ironed 3 shirts and quickly I was on my way to
The reader should understand the challenge I was facing at that point: how to make a daily schedule In order to be sure that the hobby (wind energy) would not affect my job (reviewing pizza worldwide)... But the solution came automatically from the always smiling sales manager traveling with me... When he said: I like Italian style food, what about pizza tonight? It was difficult to answer even a simple "yes" when having in mind the 2 magical words "pizza diavola" :)
And after a while we were at Gio... crowded Italian restaurant in front of the exhibition centre. What the waiter brought in his hands didn't match the high hopes raised from his Italian origin. The perfectly round disc I had in front of me could mean two things: either a pizza man with engineering degree either the use of a flattening machine.... Or maybe both taking into consideration the lack of jobs in Italy for young skilled professionals.
However the taste was not so bad and I actually enjoyed the presence of black olives as variation to the holy recipe. I'm starting to think I'll never get disappointed from any pizza diavola :)
Price: 7£

Friday, October 7, 2011

Lucifer spiste pizza

There are days, especially mondays, when you wake up and you would never imagine that you will end up having dinner in a pizzeria. Yes, first because the beginning of the week doesn't correlate with the concept of pizza in an Italian mind... Second, This correlation is even more weakened by taking into account the place where you woke up: Norway.
Well, honestly Mondays do correlate with pizza more than Norway :)
But the unexpected is always behind the corner, and it can actually make your day! (don't tell to the Finns)
Especially when your boss ask you to join him for a pizza out...
No doubt of course on the type pizza :)
The Diavola pizza at Esmeralda, cosy restaurant along the Tønsberg Brygga, is an interpretation,involving onions, red peppers and olives added to the classic recipe (it's ok, we are at 60 degrees North). The spicy level is on the average, unfortunately I can't say the same on the price...
But these things are easy to forget in pleasant company. Where there is Diavola, there is home.
Price: 158 NOK

Saturday, September 17, 2011

La Mamma è sempre la Mamma

Life begins with Mamma, blogs as well.
I think there's nothing more natural than to start this adventure to review Mamma's pizza and I hope readers will forgive me in case of partiality :)
Flour, water from the Apennines, yeast, tomato, mozzarella, chili salami from Sma, and love.... These are the ingredients of Mamma's pizza. Baked in the electric oven of Via Berti 62, this hand made pizza will make you feel at home and forget about troubles of life. A classic.
Price: 0 euro

Hello World!

"You know Jack... I have an idea... A big one"
"which one Andrea? Tell me..."
"a blog... A blog sacred to the pizza diavola"
"tasting pizza diavola wherever I go and review it"
"ooooh! Do you mean you are basically going to write an Internet -based Michelin guide for pizzerias serving Pizza diavola around the world?"
"yes, Jack"
"...Do you mean you will create an on-line reference point where every pizza diavola lover will find how to spice up a dinner during vacation or a boring business trip?"
"i will Jack, I swear!"